Welcome to my homepage!

Old School kool
Sunday 21/1 2024 | 0029 CET

Welcome to the website!
To be honest, I'm not sure what the actual goal of the page is, but the old Wordpress blog was too boring!
The old days of the internet were so much more fun, so I decided to make a website inspired by the first website I created in Microsoft Frontpage!
Check out the links page for some cool sites, and the about page for more info about me.

And do not forget to leave a message in the shoutbox! I'd appreciate it!



Zacho:Det for fedt! (2024-01-31 14:11:42)
Zacho:Oldschool kool (2024-02-03 23:52:01)
Munken:Hejsa bejsa (2024-02-27 16:08:11)

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